A Journey Of Mindful Eating

International best seller and transformational coach Jen Gaudet and I have created a 12 week program to bridge the gap between health care and sick care by a healthy journey of mindful eating with total body transformation and coaching videos.

Are you frustrated with your weight? 

Are you prone to emotional eating? 

Do you have low energy or libido? 

Do you suffer from indigestion or heartburn? 

Do you feel bloated most of the time? 

Do you not have time to enjoy your meals? 

Do you suffer from stress? 

If so then you are not alone. 

Many of our clients suffer from these issues which is why our program was designed to help over the course of 3 years in collaboration with a weight loss doctor, senior exercise physiologist, physical therapist, and high-performance health and life coach to emphasize mindfulness in eating and healthy lifestyle habit changes which boost metabolism to accelerate the weight loss process in women over 40.  

Our goal is to break down the weight loss journey into a simple step by step process, one small habit change at a time, to reduce frustration by setting conditions for inevitable success during week one, building on that process over the course of 12 weeks, with an end result of habit change that has just become a part of who you are. We address the inner and outer game of weight loss, shifting mindset towards acceptance and self-care, mindfulness at mealtime, stress management, healthy boundaries, sleep hygiene, mindful movement, and more.

Our emphasis is on non-scale victories: improved sleep, energy, movement, confidence, quality of life, and progress over perfection. Our focus is on supporting you, holding you accountable for meeting YOUR goals, empowering you to feel good in the skin you are in WHILE you are on a weight loss journey.

This course is created and delivered by two top-level coaches. Mark Morrison M.S Exercise Physiologist, Certified Health and Life Coach, and founder of Invigor8 Coaching with 20 years experience working in the health and fitness industry, cardiac rehab, and sports performance and Jen Gaudet HMBA, MPT, CSCS, CHC, International Best Selling Author, Founder of Jen Gaudet Coaching Services, High-Performance Strategist, Transformational Coach, International Speaker with 21 years in Sports Medicine & Sports Performance

The contents of this training, such as text, graphics, images, and other material are intended for informational and educational purposes and not for the purpose of rendering medical or mental health advice. The contents of this training are not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, and/or treatment. Please consult your medical professional before making changes to your diet, exercise routine, medical regimen. lifestyle, and or mental health care.

The depicted experience is not typical. Your background, education, experience, work ethic may differ. This is used as an example and not a guarantee of success. We do not track the typicality of our student's experiences. Your results may vary.


Introduction to Bridging The Gap: A Journey Of Mindful Eating
Introduction to Bridging The Gap: A Journey Of Mindful Eating
Session 1. Set Your Goals & Expectations
Set Your Goals & Expectations
Session 2. Eating For Energy
Eating For Energy
Session 3. Honoring Hunger & Fullness
Honoring Hunger & Fullness
Session 4. Mindfulness & Movement
Mindfulness & Movement
Session 5. Self Sabotage
Self Sabotage
Session 6. Sleep Hygiene
Sleep Hygiene
Session 7 Stress Management
Stress Management
Session 8 The Wheel Of Life
The Wheel Of Life
Session 9 What Needs Nourished
What Needs Nourished
Session 10 Acknowledgement
Session 11 Transforming Judgement Into Love
Transforming Judgement Into Love
Session 12 Completion
Bonuses including Over My Dead Body: The Art Of Saying No. Are you stressed? video teaching you how to manage stress effectively and much more.

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Mark Morrison

Sold by: Invigor8 Coaching

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I’m the founder of Invigor8 coaching. I have a Masters in Exercise Science and I have been working as an Exercise Physiologist and Health & Life Coach for 20 years.


Hi, my name is Mark Morrison. I’m the founder of Invigor8 coaching LLC. My background is in exercise science where I have a Masters in kinesiology and exercise science from the University of Houston and Bachelors in sport & exercise science from Edinburgh Napier University. I have been working as an exercise physiologist and health coach for almost 20 years.

I’ve worked with elite endurance athletes to help improve performance and I’ve worked with recreational athletes trying to reach their potential. I have a strong background in exercise testing for athletes such as physiological profiling to determine lactate threshold, VO2 max testing, ​and energy expenditure. I have worked at hospitals, Sports Medicine facilities, gym, ​ and Universities overseas and in the United States. I also have a strong background in metabolic testing to help with weight loss.

As a competitive athlete in the sport of running and triathlons,​ I am well aware of the frustration and disappointment of poor performance. I used to run cross country and middle distance track in high school and I would get very frustrated with my performance. I didn’t have a coach and I thought that training harder would improve my performance and results but I usually got injured or sick. This motivated me to go the college and university to learn more about the science of athletic performance. I wish I knew then what I know now about training, periodization, physiology, and progressive overload.

I’m passionate about human performance and the science of sport and exercise and I love to learn about the ​achievements of the body and feats of endurance that no one thought possible at one time. I think we have only scratched the surface of what the human body is capable of. That is why my mission is to help athletes reach their true potential and even surpass their expectations of what they thought they were capable of.

 By using my research and science background combined with leading technology and coaching expertise and 20 years of experience working with elite athletes I aim to offer athletes of all abilities a solid training plan that includes the right system, support, ​and accountability to ensure success. I want to use my knowledge gained from my own experience to help athletes to train smarter not harder. Now I’m confident that I have the experience and expertise to use physiological profiling to determine an athlete's training zones, target weak points​ , and figure out what energy system they need to focus on to improve performance and dial in their training zones. 

I help overwhelmed professionals over 30 who are frustrated with their weight and health to lose weight holistically, rock their business, and feel better about themselves. I also help endurance athletes who are frustrated with their performance train smarter not harder, improve their performance, achieve a PR, and get the edge over their competition.